Cricket Live Streaming: Top 5 Live Streaming Apps

You all know that hoe people are crazy about cricket and its related tournaments and other events for playing and betting. Most people have a habit of recording various tournaments or cricket matches so that they can watch them later on for another level of fun and entertainment. Cricket betting is one of the most famous and reputed bettings in this entire world, and many people are engaged in it for warning huge profits. Usually, people prefer to connect with those websites for cricket betting that allow them to have a live streaming feature as it helps them be safe while betting.

Best betting apps for cricket now and yours! Tap and go on

Online betting includes much more benefits than local betting as it provides people with great features that they can’t get in the local being world. Before connecting with an online betting world, people grab some basic info about the best live cricket streaming app so that they can experience a wonderful betting environment. Live streaming allows players to stream those matches they like and consider them when they want to watch them again or for betting purposes. Once you learned the wonderful betting apps with live streaming features, it will allow you to experience a safe betting environment.

1. JioTV

The first and the most famous cricket betting app with live streaming features is JioTV that allows people to watch live shows across multiple categories. It includes various sports for betting and allows people to record them later for replay or for betting purpose. This app is considered one of the top betting apps among other apps because of its numerous features. In addition to multiple sports live to stream, you can also watch other contents such as series, movies, TV shows and many more.

2. Disney + Hotstar

Another popular live cricket streaming app is Disney + Hotstar that supports movies, TV shows, live channels and many other aspects of people’s entertainment. You can freely download it as it is free to download, and no need to worry about extra charges. People who connect with this live streaming app can easily enjoy specific content, but you only need to become a member by subscribing to the platform. Once you subscribed to this app, you can easily stream live cricket matches and many other contents. It is also best for kids as it helps them to watch Disney related contents of their choice.

3. Sony LIV

The people who prefer to connect with various sports live streaming must stay focused on the famous streaming apps to get a safe platform. You can connect with Sony LIV, another famous streaming app with multiple subscription plans. People can watch TV shows, live cricket, series and many other contents that can help them feel comfortable enjoying their lives. Once the people connect with this live streaming app, it will allow them to get the best Sony networks to telecast and work on average data speed.

4. Tata Sky Mobile

Another famous live cricket streaming app that you can consider is Tata Sky Mobile that is mobile-friendly, and you can happily connect with it by downloading it. There is no hardship in downloading this app, and you can easily stream various contents available on this platform. The best streaming sports here is cricket, and cricket lovers can opt for connecting with it. It contains more than 600 channels that allow you to feel free to watch anything on the app. The contents you like the most can download them and watch them later when you find it convenient.

5. Star Sports Live Cricket App

When people opt to connect with the most reputed and popular live streaming apps for cricket betting, they must stay focused on all the major betting apps. One of the most famous live streaming betting app for cricket and other contents is the Star Sports Live Cricket app. This app is designed especially for sports lovers and provides them with a great platform with proper safety for streaming live matches. People can stream multiple sports on this platform, such as football, cricket, kabaddi, badminton, etc. It is a free live video app that greatly impacts your streaming aspect and helps to grab more knowledge.


People who are sports lovers, especially cricket, must learn about the best live streaming apps so that they can stream live matches and watch them when they get time. Once you consider the above info, you will get to know about the wonderful streaming apps you can opt for the best live cricket streaming app. It will allow you to connect with the safest app based on your preferences for the contents you want to stream or watch later.